Square Construct

Square construct (handpoke dotwork)

Pobody's Nerfect

Text on the wrist (handpoke dotwork)

Mandala on lower leg

Mandala on lower leg (handpoke dotwork)

Arrow construct

Arrow Construct (handpoke dotwork)

Still I Rise

Still I Rise (handpoke dotwork)


Brothers (handpoke dotwork)

Square construct

Square construct (handpoke dotwork)

Inverted bunga terung

Inverted Bunga Terung (handpoke dotwork)

Arrow construct

Arrow construct (handpoke dotwork)

Taurus, sagittarius and pisces

Starsign construct (handpoke dotwork)

Standing Rock (handpoke dotwork)

Swastika Unalome

Swastika unalome (handpoke dotwork)


Freehand dotwork lines (handpoke dotwork)

Naive flowers and bird

Naive flowers and bird (handpoke dotwork)

Double Mandala and Lotus

Double mandala and lotusflower (handpoke dotwork)

Houd Hoop (handpoke dotwork)

Houd hoop (keep hope) (handpoke dotwork)

Little princess

Princess on forearm (linework tattoo)


Negative unalome (handpoke dotwork)

Peace sign

Peace sign and heart on upper back (handpoke dotwork)

Half mandala on foot

Half mandala on foot (handpoke dotwork)

Abstract flowers

Dandelion and lavender on forearm (handpoke dotwork)


Spongebob with geometric elements (handpoke dotwork)

Penrose Triangle

Penrose Triangle on calf (handpoke dotwork)

Blackwork rose

Blackwork Rose (handpoke dotwork)