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Taghato is a tattoo and design studio. We care for the privacy of our clients and want to focus our attention fully on the client we are working with at the time. If you want to drop in for a consultation, discuss artwork or get a tattoo, you’ll need to make an appointment first. Read below how you can contact us.

For tattoo work:

Taghato - handpokeIn most cases  we will set up a consultation first to talk about your ideas face to face. In order to make an appointment and give us the opportunity to prepare please include the following when contacting Taghato regarding a tattoo:

  • Detailed explanation of the tattoo you would like and the (possible) meaning behind it
  • Place on the body and requested size, if possible include a picture
  • Pictures of tattoos or artwork you like, as inspiration and to understand what you are after
  • Your age and if you are tattooed already and where
  • Preferred date in case you are not flexible
  • Please send the info to

For artwork:

For custom artwork you can use the contact form below. Please include a detailed description of the art you seek and what it is for. For example for album artwork (incl. vinyl stickers), custom canvasses, (event) posters or murals.

Taghato Tattoo

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mobile +31 (0) 641133519